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    1. Small Flake Ice MachineSmall in size, this small flake ice machine occupies less area. It will not result in the damage to the foods that require long-lasting freshness.
      Our small flake ice machine is convenient to use. It makes translucent flake ice with low cost. Therefore, it is commonly used in supermarkets or restaurants.
    1. Middle Flake Ice Machine This medium-sized machine is ideal for rapid cooling, since it manufactures dry flake ices with the temperature of zero below 5℃ or so. Those flake ices are not easily stick together, and need no regrinding. In many an industry, they are served as the substitutes for other kinds of ice.
      Our machine can make 3 to 10 tons of various kinds of flake ice within per 24 hours. Consequently, this middle flake ice machine suits a variety of applications, including industrial cooling, food processing and preservation, artificial snow-making service, and others.
    1. Large Flake Ice Machine The flake ice made by this large machine is dry, less prone to sticking together. With the temperature of approximately -5℃, it is ideal for the use of rapid cooling. In many industries, it is an ideal substitute for other types of ice.
      On average, our large flake ice machine has the daily output of 12T to 60T. It is widely used in the industries, including aquatic product, food processing, chemical plant, concrete cooling, or other cooling system. This machine applies the standard power of 380V/3P/50Hz. Also, we can choose the power according to the client's actual conditions. When purchasing, please refer to the related information and parameters.
    1. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine In the coastal areas, a great amount of ice is used for seafood to maintain long-lasting freshness and natural appearance. However, it costs relatively high if we buy ice from the land for the use on the ship. And to transport a large amount of ice from the inland is really inconvenient as well.
      Our sea water flake ice machine offers a cost-effective solution to the above-mentioned problems. It works by directly using sea water to make ice. Because it is specially designed for the use on the ships or in coastal areas, it is perfectly resistant to corrosion.
    1. Containerized Flake Ice MachineThis containerized flake ice machine is convenient in transportation and installation.
      All units of equipment are designed within one container. On the container, there are connectors used to connect water and power supply. The equipment will produce ice after connect them.
      Different kinds of ice makers are for your choice. We can produce the containerized flake ice machine with the output ranging from 1Ton to 60Ton.
    1. Flake Ice EvaporatorDuring the channel internal circulation, the refrigerant gasification and temperature increasing will decrease the freezing effect. Far worse, the overlong channel will influence the ice making effect. For that reason, our flake ice evaporator uses hierarchical multi-channel for the liquid supply and air returning, so as to improve the evaporation efficiency.
      SHARE flake ice evaporator is comprised of spiral ice cutter, cutter shaft, and cutter frame. All of those parts are made of the 304 stainless steel. The interval between the ice cutter and ice evaporator is between 0.15mm and 0.2mm. It's easy to scrape the ice from the evaporator.
    1. Small Tube Ice MachineMaterial: Made of stainless steel, the small tube ice machine is elegant, sanitary, and easy to clean.
      Control System: Controlled by the microcomputer system, it is easy, safe, and stable in operation.
      Structure: As a result of the modular design, all the machine parts can be dismantled and assembled. For this reason, this small tube ice making machine is convenient to maintain for the users.
    1. Large Tube Ice Machine The modular design contributes to the easy on-site maintenance. Since the tube ice maker can be installed into a container of standard size, it can be conveniently moved to the places where tube ices are needed.
      SHARE tube ice machine applies the PLC & HMI control system that can be operated with one key. Long-distance control interfaces are available for the machines in parallel, so that those machines can be centrally governed.
    1. Small Block Ice Machine The small block ice machine made of 304 stainless steel is beautiful, and convenient to transport. It is capable of daily producing 1 to 5 tons of block ices, and on average, consumes only 75Kw electricity to make one ton of block ice. We can make the machine that can produce block ice of several kilos to hundreds of kilos. Necessarily, our small block ice maker can be customized to suit your application requirement.
    1. Large Block Ice MachineThis large block ice machine made of 304 stainless steel is pretty in appearance. Though large in size, it is extremely convenient to transport. Needless to say, this machine is characterized by less energy consumption and high efficiency. Its annual block ice output ranges from 5 tons to 25 tons. To make one ton block ice, our machine requires 75Kw electricity.
    1. Containerized Block Ice Machine Our containerized block ice machine is designed and manufactured in full compliance with CE and ISO9001-2008 quality system certifications. It allows for the maximum use ratio of the container inner space. Each unit has the block ice output of no more than 20T. On average, it consumes 75Kw electricity to make one ton of block ice.
    1. Automatic Block Ice MakerOur automatic block ice maker applies the advanced automatic ice making technology. Refrigerant will directly get into the evaporator for the heat exchange with water. Once water is frozen, the reverse heating of cooling system will let the hot fluorine get into the evaporator, so that speed ice unloading can be realized.
    1. Ice Can of Block Ice MachineWe can assure the advanced sheet metal processing technology used on the ice can of block ice machine. Our ice container is a reasonably priced product which is processed from 1.5mm to 2.0mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate or hot-dip galvanized steel. Its size can be customized upon request. We can make the machines that can store several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms block ice.
    1. Large Brine Water Ice-Making ProjectLarge-scale ice-making pool is constructed based on the on-site environment and technical guidance provided by the client. Its size is depended on the client’s required ice making quantity. The pool adopts the calcium chloride solution with the concentration of 23.6%, and the freezing temperature is -14℃ or so.
      It is mainly used for water adding and ice unloading. This conveniently used hoist can move in random directions.
  • Plate Ice Machine (model: 1-100 T/day) ZXshare plate ice machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel and PLC automatic control system. The ice-making and ice-harvesting time can be customized thus to save energy. It is stable, easy to operate and maintain with long service life. The size of plate ice is from 40×40mm to 80×80mm, and the thickness of it is 10-15mm. Both the size and thickness can be adjusted to the client's demand.
  • Cube Ice Machine (20-5000kg/day) ZXshare cube ice machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel with concise appearance. It conforms to the standards and requirements for food hygiene. This plug and play machine is easy to install and operate. The main component is of famous brand and quality assurance.
  • Slurry Ice MachineZXshare is small and of compact structure. Adopting PLC automatic control system, it is more efficient, energy-saving compared with other ice machines. With the feature of less engineering work and rapid cooling speed, slurry ice is widely implemented in aquatic product refreshing, marine fishery, poultry slaughter, concrete mixing, mine cooling, and energy-efficient air conditioner with ice system, etc.
    1. Automatic Ice Delivery System This system is ideal for short distance transportation. Generally, the distance is not longer than 18 meters, and the delivery angle is no more than 60°.
      It utilizes the high-pressure gas by pipeline to transport ice to a distant location or high position.
    1. Containerized Industrial Water ChillerThe containerized industrial water chiller can offer cold or ice water of constant temperature, flow, or pressure. No matter how low the outlet water temperature is, or how big the cooling temperature difference is, our 4 grades of cooling methods will definitely offer a perfect cooling solution.
    1. Automatic Weighing SystemOur automatic weighing system has the weighing scope of 50 kilograms to 10,000 kilograms. The weighing precision is controlled below 1%. Anyway, this system can be customized upon request.
    1. Artificial Snow-Making SystemThis snow making system is not subject to regional and seasonal restrictions.
      With years of ice making experience, we can offer a complete set of ice making solutions.
      The snow and ice maker has a long service life, as a result of its top-grade configuration and qualified raw materials.
    1. Ice Rink SolutionArtificial Ice Rink: Our Company offers you a complete set of ice rink solutions.
      The first-rank cooling method will be chosen for the client. The direct or indirect cooling method could be ammonia or fluorine refrigeration.
      We will briefly introduce the structures and functions of the ice rink, and help the client to choose the most appropriate ice rink structure design.