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  • Our Company is a professional ice equipment manufacturer who own a production base for independently branded ice machine. Through years of development ...

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  • ZXshare is a pioneer company in ice-making equipment research and production. It has over 10-year development history and owns many ice-making patented technologies.

About us

ZHONGXUE Refrigeration is one of the most representative brands in the Chinese ice-making industry. A decade of illustrious development history has marked us as a pioneer amongst peers. As a highly reputable manufacturer, we specialize in the development and production of ice-making equipment as well as automated ice-making systems with matching configurations. Our company can also provide ice rink solutions, artificial snow-making systems, and integrated cooling equipment with various types of cooling systems. We have a professional taskforce that includes more than 30 electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration engineers. These experts can provide product customization in strict accordance with client-side specifications.

    1. Flake Ice Machine
    2. Flake Ice Machine (model: 1-60T/day) ZXshare flake ice machine adopts ZXshare patented technology, the refrigeration components and electric appliances are of world-known brands. PLC automatic control system is stable, easy to maintain. The component, material, capacity, ice storage room and weighing system can be customized according to client's demand.
    1. Tube Ice Machine
    2. Tube Ice Machine (model: 1-80T/day) ZXshare tube ice machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel with elegant appearance and appropriate size. It harvests hygeian and transparent tube ice. The component, material, capacity, tube ice size, ice storage room and other accessory equipment can be customized according to client's demand.
    1. Block Ice Machine
    2. Block Ice Machine (model: 1-200 T/day) ZXshare manufactures two kinds of block ice machine, such as traditional brine tank block ice machine and automatic direct cooling block ice machine. The daily capacity is from several tons to several hundreds and ice can specification ranges from 10 to 150 kg/pc. The material, component, ice storage room can be customized according to client's demand.
    1. Plate Ice Machine
    2. Plate Ice Machine (model: 1-100 T/day) ZXshare plate ice machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel and PLC automatic control system. The ice-making and ice-harvesting time can be customized thus to save energy. It is stable, easy to operate and maintain with long service life. The size of plate ice is from 40×40mm to 80×80mm, and the thickness of it is 10-15mm. Both the size and thickness can be adjusted to the client's demand.
    1. Cube Ice Machine
    2. Cube Ice Machine (20-5000kg/day) ZXshare cube ice machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel with concise appearance. It conforms to the standards and requirements for food hygiene. This plug and play machine is easy to install and operate. The main component is of famous brand and quality assurance.
    1. Slurry Ice Machine
    2. Slurry Ice MachineZXshare is small and of compact structure. Adopting PLC automatic control system, it is more efficient, energy-saving compared with other ice machines. With the feature of less engineering work and rapid cooling speed, slurry ice is widely implemented in aquatic product refreshing, marine fishery, poultry slaughter, concrete mixing, mine cooling, and energy-efficient air conditioner with ice system, etc.
    1. Concrete Cooling System
    2. Concrete Cooling SystemComplete set of ZXshare ice making and delivering system consists of automatic ice making, storing, delivering, and weighing. It adopts PLC automatic control system. the specific configuration can be customized according to the client's demand. It is applicable to large concrete cooling project, chemical cooling, large food processing, etc.
    1. Snow and Ice Maker
    2. Snow and Ice MakerZXshare artificial snow-making system is a complete combined product of ice-making and snow-making. It can make snow at normal temperature. ZXshare customizes the snow-making system, and offers one-stop solutions for our clients. Its services include design proposal, construction as well as the device debugging and maintenance service.