Snow and Ice Maker

Our snow and ice maker is designed for indoor projects.

Main Equipment
Snow making device, ice making machine, air conditioning, skiing tools, snow finishing device, etc.

The machine is suitable for the facilities including restaurants, snowing bars, hotels, conference centers, and more. We can make the design in accordance with the client's requirements.

1. Complete Set of Solutions
Our Company provides the one-stop service including ice stadium design or construction, equipment debugging, and maintenance service. The one-stop solution also covers the customized design consultation, unified project management, feasibility study of project investment, installation and training service, after-sale services, technical support, and more.
2. High-quality Equipment
We design the qualified snow and ice maker with the first-class technology. The equipment creates a safe, energy-efficient ice rink that requires low maintenance cost.
3. Automatic Control System
The ice rink will be intelligently controlled. The control system, devised on the basis of the client's application requirements, can automatically control the workload of the cooling system, thereby maximally saving the operational cost.

Related Names
Snow Making Machine | Frozen Machine | Snow Ice Machines

    1. Artificial Snow-Making SystemThis snow making system is not subject to regional and seasonal restrictions.
      With years of ice making experience, we can offer a complete set of ice making solutions.
      The snow and ice maker has a long service life, as a result of its top-grade configuration and qualified raw materials.
    1. Ice Rink SolutionArtificial Ice Rink: Our Company offers you a complete set of ice rink solutions.
      The first-rank cooling method will be chosen for the client. The direct or indirect cooling method could be ammonia or fluorine refrigeration.
      We will briefly introduce the structures and functions of the ice rink, and help the client to choose the most appropriate ice rink structure design.