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Ice Rink Solution

Artificial Ice Rink
Our Company offers you a complete set of ice rink solutions.

1. Our Services for Ice Rink Design
a. Model Selection We will choose the most suitable cooling system for the client.
b. Cooling Method
The first-rank cooling method will be chosen for the client. The direct or indirect cooling method could be ammonia or fluorine refrigeration.
c. Ice Rink Structure
We will briefly introduce the structures and functions of the ice rink, and help the client to choose the most appropriate ice rink structure design.
d. Heating Load Calculation
The cooling engine and daily operational cost will be calculated in accordance with the size of the client's ice rink.
e. Main Parts and Technical Parameters
Detailed cooling equipment configurations and technical parameters are available for the client to select the most appropriate configuration and materials.
f. Calculation of Investment and Operational Cost
We will assist the client to accurately estimate the investment cost and operational cost.

2. Construction Requirement
a. Site Selection
You should choose the best location.
b. Anti-condensation Measures
Ice radiation will result in the formation of condensed water on the roof. Since condensed water will affect the ice surface quality and environment, we have to take measures to prevent it.
c. Water Supply and Drainage
Rationally design the water supply and drainage system.
d. Automatic Control of Electricity
Accurate work load control of cooling system contributes to the convenient operation with low cost for the client.
e. Cooling Pipe Installation
Design and install the cooling pipe, so that the ice surface quality and uniform ice surface temperature can be ensured.
f. Installation of Cooling System
Site installation requirements, installation location, installation materials, equipment installation specifications.

3. Operation of Ice Rink
a. Debugging
Operation method of equipment, personnel training, cautions of daily operation, emergency treatment measures.
b. Ice Surface Finishing
Experience and measures of ice surface finishing, cautions of daily maintenance.

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