Concrete Cooling System

Principle of Concrete Cooling System
When building bridge, hydroelectric dams, high-rise building, and the like, you need to mix the low-temperature concrete to lower the expansion and shrinkage coefficient of the concrete, thus improving the concrete intensity.

Usually, containerized flake ice machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, and containerized block ice machine are used for concrete cooling. Each 10kg flake ice can decrease approximately 1.2℃ to 1.4℃ for per cubic concrete.

Configuration of Containerized Cooling System Used for Concrete
1. Ice-making System
2. Automatic Ice Storage Bin
3. Automatic Ice Delivery System
4. Automatic Weighing System
5. Containerized Industrial Water Chiller
6. Air Chiller

Related Names
Industrial Cooling System | Ice Cooler | Direct Cooling Equipment

    1. Automatic Ice Storage BinA refrigeration equipment is installed to control the icehouse temperature at -8℃ or so.
      The ice house is composed of a sensor, elevator, hydraulic door, and an automatic crawling system.
      An ice delivering device is installed to the automatic ice storage bin.
      All the materials of the machines have been treated with hot dip galvanizing. Our machines will not rust.
    1. Automatic Ice Delivery System This system is ideal for short distance transportation. Generally, the distance is not longer than 18 meters, and the delivery angle is no more than 60°.
      It utilizes the high-pressure gas by pipeline to transport ice to a distant location or high position.
    1. Containerized Industrial Water ChillerThe containerized industrial water chiller can offer cold or ice water of constant temperature, flow, or pressure. No matter how low the outlet water temperature is, or how big the cooling temperature difference is, our 4 grades of cooling methods will definitely offer a perfect cooling solution.
    1. Automatic Weighing SystemOur automatic weighing system has the weighing scope of 50 kilograms to 10,000 kilograms. The weighing precision is controlled below 1%. Anyway, this system can be customized upon request.