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Automatic Ice Storage Bin

SHARE automatic ice storage bin is grouped into two categories, such as crawler ice storage and rake ice storage. We can make storage system with holding capacities of up to 20 to 200 tons.

1. A refrigeration equipment is installed to control the icehouse temperature at -8℃ or so.
2. The ice house is composed of a sensor, elevator, hydraulic door, and an automatic crawling system.
3. An ice delivering device is installed to the automatic ice storage bin.
4. All the materials of the machines have been treated with hot dip galvanizing. Our machines will not rust.

Structure Features of Crawler Ice Storage

The entire floor of the storage facility is in the form of a tracked Conveyor which moves the stored ice to the front, where it passes through the crusher and then gets discharged via the screw conveyor at the bottom outlet.

Structure Features of Rake Ice Storage

This ice storage bin enables the ice rake functioned clockwise and anti-clockwise, so it rises and falls according to the actual ice level. The ice layer can be paved smoothly, thereby increasing the storage use ratio.

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