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Slurry Ice Machine

Our latest slurry ice machine is mainly used to manufacture fluid ice which has better energy efficiency ratio than other types of ice. It can increase the energy conservation by at least 40%. Besides that, the fluid ice can be directly transported by the pipeline to the site where requires slurry ice, which is really convenient.

This slurry ice machine is ideal for fresh-keeping in marine fishery, poultry slaughtering, and so on. Also, it is used for cooling in mines, concrete mixing, etc.

1. SHARE slurry ice machine is compact in structure, small in volume, high in efficiency, and low in cost.
2. It is safe, convenient to use with the automatic microcomputer control system.
3. With our machine, you can easily realize the mobile operation. Just a little engineering work is required.
4. The slurry ice allows for fast, even cooling.
5. During the aquatic product processing, slurry ice made by the machine can effectively maintain the food surface water and avoid the food surface damage.

Standard Operating Conditions Environment Temperature: 25℃; Water Temperature: 18℃
Evaporative Temperature: -6℃; Condensing Temperature: 30℃
Power Supply 3P /380V/50HZ
Refrigerant R404A/R22/R507
Model ZL-10 ZL-20T ZL-30T ZL-40T
Output (t/24hrs) 10T 20T 30T 40T
Special Instruction The slurry ice output varies from 10T to 500T. Also we can customize the machine to suit your requirements.

Remark: All the above parameters will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice.

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