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Cube Ice Machine

The cubic ice machine is energy-efficient, and has beautiful appearance. It is controlled by the advanced microcomputer. All the processes including water supplying, defrosting, automatic deicing, etc., are automatically inspected via the microcomputer controlling system. The cooling system can automatically restore the original working status after the outage or short of water supply.

1. Concise in appearance, this cubic ice machine occupies less area.
2. Its raw material is SUS304 stainless steel that accords with the Food Hygiene Standard.
3. The door board utilizes the magnetic seal design, ensuring excellent thermal insulation effect.
4. All the main parts are imported ones, so the machine comes with high quality.

This machine is applicable for the places including catering industry, food industry, medical industry, precision electronics industry, etc.

Product Structure Product Accessories
Model Overall Dimensions (mm) Package Size (mm) Machine Type Maxi. Ice Production Bin Capacity Voltage (V) Power (W) Power Consumption
ZD-50 450×460×650 530×540×750 All-in-one type 22kg/24h 10kg ~220V 220W 5/24h
ZD-70 450×460×700 530×540×800 All-in-one type 32kg/24h 10kg ~220V 280W 6/24h
ZD-90 470×480×750 550×560×850 All-in-one type 40kg/24h 16kg ~220V 280W 6.7/24h
ZD-128 600×630×900 680×710×1000 All-in-one type 58kg/24h 28kg ~220V 425W 7.4/24h
ZD-150 600×630×900 680×710×1000 All-in-one type 68kg/24h 28kg ~220V 450W 8.4/24h
ZD-200 600×630×950 680×710×1050 All-in-one type 90kg/24h 28kg ~220V 600W 10/24h
ZD-300 600×630×1000 680×710×1100 All-in-one type 136kg/24h 28kg ~220V 650W 13/24h
ZD-350 600×830×1600 680×910×1800 Split type 160kg/24h 130kg ~220V 750W 18/24h
ZD-400 600×830×1600 680×910×1800 Split type 180kg/24h 130kg ~220V 850W 20.4/24h
ZD-500 600×830×1700 680×910×1900 Split type 220kg/24h 130kg ~220V 900W 21.6/24h
ZD-700 760×830×1760 840×910×1960 Split type 318kg/24h 180kg ~220V 1000W 24/24h
ZD-1000 760×830×1860 840×910×2060 Split type 450kg/24h 180kg ~220V 1500W 36/24h
ZD-1300 1220×830×1760 1300×910×1960 Split type 590kg/24h 360kg ~380V 1900W 45.6/24h
ZD-1500 1220×830×1860 1300×910×2060 Split type 680kg/24h 360kg ~380V 2300W 55/24h
ZD-1900 1220×830×1860 1300×910×2060 Split type 860kg/24h 360kg ~380V 3000W 72/24h
ZD-1.0T 1400×830×2200 1480×910×2400 Split type 1000kg/24h 450kg ~380V 4.7~5KW /
ZD-1.5T 1400×830×2300 1480×910×2500 Split type 1500kg/24h 450kg ~380V 7~7.5KW /
ZD-2.0T 2000×1000×2000 2080×1080×2200 Machine Unit 2000kg/24h / ~380V 6~6.5KW /
ZD-2.5T 2000×1000×2300 2080×1080×2500 Machine Unit 2500kg/24h / ~380V 6.5~7KW /
ZD-3.0T 2000×1800×2300 2080×1880×2500 Machine Unit 3000kg/24h / ~380V 8~8.8KW /
ZD-4.0T 8000×1800×2000 8080×1880×2200 Machine Unit 4000kg/24h / ~380V 9.8KW /
ZD-5.0T 8000×1800×2300 8080×1880×2500 Machine Unit 5000kg/24h / ~380V 12KW /

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