Block Ice Machine

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Ice Making Principle

Major Component of Block Ice Machine
a. Refrigeration Unit
The refrigeration unit mainly covers compressor, reservoir, water cooling condenser, cooling valve pipe, and electric control box.
b. Ice Making Unit
This unit chiefly consists of ice buchet, brine tank, thawing tank, water feeder, crane, water circulation system, etc.

Configuration of Refrigeration Unit
Refrigerating System Configuration Power Supply Configuration 380V/3P/50Hz For other type of power supply, you need to tell us when you place the order
Compressor Brand Bitzer
Refrigerant R22/R404A/R717
Design Conditions Environment Temperature:35℃ Design according to the client’s actual conditions
Water Temperature: 20℃
Configuration of Refrigerating Capacity 8Kw/ton
Cooling Method Water cooling/air cooling/evaporative cooling
Brand of Cooling Parts Danfoss, Emerson
Control Method PLC automatic control
Brand of Electrical Accessory LS, Schneider, Siemens
Specification of Block Ice Weight Size(L*W*H MM) Remark
5KG 120×100×500 The ice bucket can be made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. Its thickness is 1.5mm or 2.0mm. Customized service is also available.
10KG 200×100×600
15KG 250×100×700
20KG 250×125×700
25KG 350×125×700
50KG 450×150×800
100KG 500×220×1000
120KG 550×230×1100
Ice-making Pool Type Materials Remark
Small Block Ice Maker Stainless steel Beautiful, convenient to move or transport
Large Ice Maker Steel plate or stainless steel Beautiful, convenient to move or transport
Large-scale Seawater Ice Making Project Welded steel plate Convenient in manufacturing
Field pouring of concrete Low cost

a. Specifications
The daily output range is from 1 ton to hundreds of tons. Cooling method could be direct or indirect type.
b. Tailor Made
Each block ice machine is designed based on the client’s regional climate, so that stable block ice output can be ensured.
c. Energy Saving Design
The specially designed block ice maker can maximally decrease the operational cost for client.
d. Service
We provide our client with a complete set of ice making solution, in relation to project construction, installation, and debugging.
e. Spare parts
As for the wearing parts, we will offer free spare parts to eliminating the client’s worries.
f. On-site Training
To let the client use the machine in a proper way, we will send out technical personnel to give training service with regard to the daily attention and maintenance, solutions to commonly seen problems, etc.
e. Personalized Service Mode
Special service is available upon request.

Related Names
Block Ice Making Machine | Industrial Ice Maker | Cheap Ice Machines

    1. Small Block Ice Machine The small block ice machine made of 304 stainless steel is beautiful, and convenient to transport. It is capable of daily producing 1 to 5 tons of block ices, and on average, consumes only 75Kw electricity to make one ton of block ice. We can make the machine that can produce block ice of several kilos to hundreds of kilos. Necessarily, our small block ice maker can be customized to suit your application requirement.
    1. Large Block Ice MachineThis large block ice machine made of 304 stainless steel is pretty in appearance. Though large in size, it is extremely convenient to transport. Needless to say, this machine is characterized by less energy consumption and high efficiency. Its annual block ice output ranges from 5 tons to 25 tons. To make one ton block ice, our machine requires 75Kw electricity.
    1. Containerized Block Ice Machine Our containerized block ice machine is designed and manufactured in full compliance with CE and ISO9001-2008 quality system certifications. It allows for the maximum use ratio of the container inner space. Each unit has the block ice output of no more than 20T. On average, it consumes 75Kw electricity to make one ton of block ice.
    1. Automatic Block Ice MakerOur automatic block ice maker applies the advanced automatic ice making technology. Refrigerant will directly get into the evaporator for the heat exchange with water. Once water is frozen, the reverse heating of cooling system will let the hot fluorine get into the evaporator, so that speed ice unloading can be realized.
    1. Ice Can of Block Ice MachineWe can assure the advanced sheet metal processing technology used on the ice can of block ice machine. Our ice container is a reasonably priced product which is processed from 1.5mm to 2.0mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate or hot-dip galvanized steel. Its size can be customized upon request. We can make the machines that can store several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms block ice.
    1. Large Brine Water Ice-Making ProjectLarge-scale ice-making pool is constructed based on the on-site environment and technical guidance provided by the client. Its size is depended on the client’s required ice making quantity. The pool adopts the calcium chloride solution with the concentration of 23.6%, and the freezing temperature is -14℃ or so.
      It is mainly used for water adding and ice unloading. This conveniently used hoist can move in random directions.