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Large Brine Water Ice-making Project

Large Brine Water Ice-making Project Brine Water Ice-making Pool

Main Equipment of Large Brine Water Ice-making Project

Ice-making Pool
Large-scale ice-making pool is constructed based on the on-site environment and technical guidance provided by the client. Its size is depended on the client's required ice making quantity. The pool adopts the calcium chloride solution with the concentration of 23.6%, and the freezing temperature is -14℃ or so.

Crane System
It is mainly used for water adding and ice unloading. This conveniently used crane system can move in random directions.

Spinal Pipe
Made of Φ38 seamless steel pipe, this evaporative pipe is used for the heat exchange with low-temperature brine water.

Refrigeration System
It applies the world well-known brand parts, all of which are PLC automatically controlled. This new cooling system of optimized design will surely give you the energy-efficient ice making effect.

Ice Tank and Frame
The ice tank with the holding capacity of 5kg to 120kg ices, applies the SUS304 stainless steel with hot galvanized treatment. The advanced panel heating technology allows us to make qualified ice container and frame for the clients.

Features of Large Brine Water Ice-Making Project 1. Custom-made
Large brine water ice-making project is devised according to the local climate as well as the client's requirements. We can make the machines with the daily output of several tons to hundreds of tons.

2. Energy efficient
On the basis of our years of ice making experience, we have optimized the whole cooling system and ice making system, so as to lower the ice making cost for the clients. The minimum average power consumption is 55KW/ton.

3. Accessories Selection
To improve the equipment operation stability, we applies the parts of domestic and overseas famous brands, for instance, Siemens, Schneider, LS, Danfoss, Emerson, Bitzer, etc.

4. Stability and Durability
Each unit of equipment is well-designed to ensure the high ice making efficiency with least cost.

5. Safety and Sanitation
Our ice making equipment is manufactured in compliance with CE, ISO9001, and ISO14001. It is designed with a perfect self-protection function. The hygiene level reaches the international HACCP and FDA approval standards.

6. Automatic Control
The electronic control system applies the PLC automatic control, with which the real-time display of the machine's running status can be realized. The user can freely set the controlling method. Additionally, our machine has failure record and alarm functions, offering convenience for the client to inspect and repair the equipment.

7. Remote Control
The operating status of the SHARE ice machine can be monitored via the computer network and wireless communication technique. Through such way, the remote failure diagnosis and information collection can be achieved.

8. After-sale Service
First-class after-sale service is available. Our company provides spare parts, on-site installation, as well as training with regard to the operation and daily maintenance.

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