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Automatic Block Ice Maker

Our automatic block ice maker applies the advanced automatic ice making technology. Refrigerant will directly get into the evaporator for the heat exchange with water. Once water is frozen, the reverse heating of cooling system will let the hot fluorine get into the evaporator, so that speed ice unloading can be realized.

Block ice made by the direct cooling type machine is clean and sanitary, so it is edible. This fully automatic block ice machine is made with aluminum alloy of high heat transfer efficiency. That is why it saves at least 30% electricity as compared to the traditional salt water ice maker. In addition, it occupies less area, which means it needs less cost. In a word, our machine is cost-effective.

Features 1. Custom Made
We can design the automatic block ice maker based on the client's requirement.
a. Block Ice Size: The machine can be made to produce block ices that you desire.
b. Machine Parts:
Standard configuration: Siemens, Schneider, LS, Danfoss, Emerson, Bitzer, or other well-known brand parts. We can choose parts according to the client's needs.
c. Refrigerant: R22/R404A/R717. You can choose the refrigerant according to your own requirements.
d. Cooling Methods: Air cooling / water cooling / evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is recommended for R717.
e. Installation and Debugging: We will send our technical personnel to guide the on-site installation and give the relevant technical training.

2. Energy Efficient
Through the thermostatic expansion valve of the automatic block ice machine, refrigerant will directly get into the evaporator for heat exchange. Compared with the salt water indirect refrigeration, it doesn't have the low-temperature water circulation pump. Therefore, our machine is more energy-saving and has higher evaporation efficiency.

3. Clean and Sanitary
Block ices manufactured by this machine are edible.

4. Rapid Ice Making
Such raw material as aluminum alloy has greatly increased heat exchange efficiency, for which the freezing time is shortened. Meanwhile, hot fluorine is used for automatic ice unloading, thus saving the deicing time and speeding up ice making.

5. Convenient Transportation
This automatic block ice maker of compact structure occupies less area. It can be designed within a container, for the purpose of convenient transportation and installation.

Type Automatic Block Ice Maker Traditional Salt Water Ice Maker
Material of Evaporator Aluminum alloy 304 stainless steel or galvanized steel
Energy Conservation Save at least 30% electricity compared to the salt water block ice machine It consumes about 75kw for one ton block ice
Sanitation Block ice made by this machine is edible Block ice is mainly used for fresh-keeping and transportation
Ice Unloading Method Hot fluorine is used for speed automatic ice unloading, saving labor cost. Manual operation. Longer time is required for ice unloading.
Floor Area Small area occupation, saving construction cost Larger area occupation
Operation Cost Low operation cost but large initial investment Low initial investment but large operation cost
Service Life Resistant to rust. The equipment can be used for a long time. It will be corroded by salt water. Compared to the direct cooling type, it has a shorter life span.

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