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Containerized Block Ice Machine

The containerized block ice machine by definition, is a block ice machine that is designed within a standard 20 inch or 40 inch container. It has interfaces separately used to connect water and power supply. This machine is convenient to transport and install.

Our containerized block ice machine is designed and manufactured in full compliance with CE and ISO9001-2008 quality system certifications. It allows for the maximum use ratio of the container inner space. Each unit has the block ice output of no more than 20T. On average, it consumes 75Kw electricity to make one ton of block ice.

Advantages 1. Cooling System
The cooling system applies the semi-hermetic screw compressor. Due to the advanced full-automatic control technology, it can automatically adjust the energy according to the water temperature.

2. Energy-efficient
The containerized block ice machine uses the efficient shell and tube evaporator, inside which an efficient copper pipe is used to improve the heat exchange efficiency.

3. Optimal Design
SHARE cooling system is designed to be safe, energy-saving, and convenient to use. The complete sets of components include filter, refrigeration valve instrument, pressure gage, pressure controller, solenoid valve, expansion, etc. All the pipes including refrigeration pipe line, exhaust pipe, oil pipe, thermal insulation pipe, water pipe, etc., have been marked for convenient distinction.

4. Advanced Electrical Control Technology
The PLC automatic control system is utilized. Due to the modular design, it is convenient to operate. All the equipment, sensor connecting wire, junction box, etc., are available with clear marks. The protection grade reaches IP55.

5. The equipment, electrical appliances, and instruments are fixed inside the container. This type of containerized block ice machine is ready to use. It just needs you install the water pipes, thus shortening on-site installation time and reducing the installation cost.

Ice Making Capacity 2-20 ton per day
Electric Parts Siemens, Schneider, LS
Cooling Parts Danfoss, Emerson, Bitzer, etc.
Water Temperature 20℃
Condensing Temperature 35℃
Block Ice Size 10-50KG
Power Standard: 3Ph, 380V, 50Hz; Other type: it depends on the client's actual application conditions.
Refrigerant R22/R404/R134A
Container 20 inch or 40 inch

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