Tube Ice Machine

The tube ice machine, the main part of which is evaporator, is comprised of a barrel, lots of vertical steel pipes, as well as a water tank on its bottom. A water distributor on the top of the evaporator spirally spills water evenly into each pipe. The water left, after having been collected by the water tank, will go back to the water distributor under the function of the water pump.

Evaporator of Tube Ice Machine

The tube ice machine makes tubular transparent ice which is widely used at wharf, port, hotel, aquatic products processing, food refreshing, concrete and industrial cooling project, artificial snow-making, etc.

1. Material: the tube ice machine is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, thus it is elegant, sanitary and easy to be cleaned.
2. Control system: it adopts microcomputer control system which is safe, stable and user-friendly.
3. Efficiency: it can harvest ice quickly and the ice is dry, melting-resistible.
4. Structure: with the module design, all parts of the machine can be assembled and disassembled. Therefore, our machine is easy to be cleaned and maintained.

Model: 1T-80T/ day, the over 30T models are customized according to client’s demand.
Working condition: ambient temperature: 5℃~55℃, water supply temperature:5℃~35℃
Tube ice specification: outside diameter: 22mm,29mm,35mm,38mm,41mm, inside diameter: 3-15mm
Power supply: international standard power supply
Refrigerant: R22, R404A, R134A, R717

Related Names
Ice Making Machines | Tube Ice Maker | Hollow Ice Cube Maker

    1. Small Tube Ice MachineMaterial: Made of stainless steel, the small tube ice machine is elegant, sanitary, and easy to clean.
      Control System: Controlled by the microcomputer system, it is easy, safe, and stable in operation.
      Structure: As a result of the modular design, all the machine parts can be dismantled and assembled. For this reason, this small tube ice making machine is convenient to maintain for the users.
    1. Large Tube Ice Machine The modular design contributes to the easy on-site maintenance. Since the tube ice maker can be installed into a container of standard size, it can be conveniently moved to the places where tube ices are needed.
      SHARE tube ice machine applies the PLC & HMI control system that can be operated with one key. Long-distance control interfaces are available for the machines in parallel, so that those machines can be centrally governed.