Flake Ice Machine

1. This machine manufactures flake ice in a range of thicknesses from 1.5mm to 2.2mm. The flake ice temperature is zero below 5 degree or so, which means the flake ice is exceptionally ideal for quick cooling.
2. Flake ice produced by this machine, is dry, clean, and less prone to sticking together. It has good mobility without regrinding.
3. Our flake ice machine occupies less area, and can be easily installed. Since it can automatically make flake ice with low cost, it is widely used.
4. This ice making device adopts the internationally standardized electric system as its power supply.
5. The evaporator is made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel and chrome plated 16Mn carbon steel.
6. This flake ice machine is suitable for the refrigerants such as R22, R404A, R507A, R717, etc.

Generally, its working temperature is around 5℃ to 40℃, while the water temperature should be available from 0.5℃ to 35℃. In particular cases, this ice making machine can be found in the applications where the environment temperature is from -30℃ to 60℃ and the water temperature is of 0.5℃ to 46℃.

Advantages of SHARE Flake Ice Machine 1. Machine Unit
a. High-quality Accessory
Our machine selects the world famous brand accessories. Its compressor could be the one with the brand, such as Copeland, Bitzer, Manevrop, Tecumseh, Frascold, Sanyo, Boke, Hanbell, or mycom. We apply the cooling parts of the brands including Danfoss, Emerson, or other well-known brands.
b. Energy Efficient
It is configured according to the client's local weather conditions. This machine is energy-saving with the optimized cooling system design as well as the reasonable collocation of the fittings.

2. New-type Electric Control System
a. The electric control system of ZF series flake ice machine is safe, reliable, and easy to operate. It well combines the latest energy-saving electric control technology and remote control technology. This system is designed with the perfect safety protection function.
b. The PLC full automatic control system together with the LS, Siemens, Schneider, or other international famous brand electric components, is applied to make the equipment operate stably over a longer term.
c. An automated fault diagnosis system has been applied to the ice machine. The fault alarm information will be directly displayed via the screen of the system. With the screen, you can realize the real-time display of the flake ice machine status when operating. Once the alarm information appears, the users can timely, accurately check and solve the possible problems.
d. The electric control system is designed with the memory function. The ice machine automatically records its service conditions and the fault alarm information. And those records are good for the equipment maintenance.
e. Remote control technology is utilized on the equipment. Through the computer network and wireless communication technology, the equipment operating status can be monitored, so as to remotely diagnose the faults and collect information. This technology allows you to know the operating status and related historical data at any time.

3. Efficient Evaporator
a. Materials: The evaporator applied to the flake ice machine is made of the 16Mn steel which is dedicated for the low-temperature pressure vessel. Coupled with the special electroplating technology, the ice container can be used for a long time, and its electroplated layer will not fall off. The service life reaches 10 to 15 years.
b. High Precision: The evaporator is processed with the vertical lathe. For the flake ice maker with the daily output of 0.5T to 60T, the evaporator comes with the thickness controlled within between 0.02mm and 0.05mm.
c. Highly efficient Evaporation: The ice container is devised with the special spiral structure. This inner part of the spinal channel has been polished to decrease the circulation resistance against the refrigerant. The evaporation efficiency will be thereby improved.

4. Easy, Convenient Maintenance
The flake ice machine utilizes the modular design. Its on-site maintenance is extremely easy. Both front and back parts of the crucial components are installed with valves, making the clients to easily replace the wearing parts. Simultaneously, the valves also make the equipment conveniently used.

5. Safe and Sanitary
Our machine makes dry, pure flake ice of high sanitary standard. Manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel, pure aluminum alloy, or other high quality materials, it has the hygienic standard reaching the approval standards of HACCP and FDA.

We design this machine through integrating the world's famous cooling system as well as the processing technology and experience. Its specially designed structure can withstand high load. That is why our ice machine has the service life of at least eight years.

Related Names
Industrial Ice Making Machine | Ice Generator | Ice Equipment

    1. Small Flake Ice MachineSmall in size, this small flake ice machine occupies less area. It will not result in the damage to the foods that require long-lasting freshness.
      Our small flake ice machine is convenient to use. It makes translucent flake ice with low cost. Therefore, it is commonly used in supermarkets or restaurants.
    1. Middle Flake Ice Machine This medium-sized machine is ideal for rapid cooling, since it manufactures dry flake ices with the temperature of zero below 5℃ or so. Those flake ices are not easily stick together, and need no regrinding. In many an industry, they are served as the substitutes for other kinds of ice.
      Our machine can make 3 to 10 tons of various kinds of flake ice within per 24 hours. Consequently, this middle flake ice machine suits a variety of applications, including industrial cooling, food processing and preservation, artificial snow-making service, and others.
    1. Large Flake Ice Machine The flake ice made by this large machine is dry, less prone to sticking together. With the temperature of approximately -5℃, it is ideal for the use of rapid cooling. In many industries, it is an ideal substitute for other types of ice.
      On average, our large flake ice machine has the daily output of 12T to 60T. It is widely used in the industries, including aquatic product, food processing, chemical plant, concrete cooling, or other cooling system. This machine applies the standard power of 380V/3P/50Hz. Also, we can choose the power according to the client's actual conditions. When purchasing, please refer to the related information and parameters.
    1. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine In the coastal areas, a great amount of ice is used for seafood to maintain long-lasting freshness and natural appearance. However, it costs relatively high if we buy ice from the land for the use on the ship. And to transport a large amount of ice from the inland is really inconvenient as well.
      Our sea water flake ice machine offers a cost-effective solution to the above-mentioned problems. It works by directly using sea water to make ice. Because it is specially designed for the use on the ships or in coastal areas, it is perfectly resistant to corrosion.
    1. Containerized Flake Ice MachineThis containerized flake ice machine is convenient in transportation and installation.
      All units of equipment are designed within one container. On the container, there are connectors used to connect water and power supply. The equipment will produce ice after connect them.
      Different kinds of ice makers are for your choice. We can produce the containerized flake ice machine with the output ranging from 1Ton to 60Ton.
    1. Flake Ice EvaporatorDuring the channel internal circulation, the refrigerant gasification and temperature increasing will decrease the freezing effect. Far worse, the overlong channel will influence the ice making effect. For that reason, our flake ice evaporator uses hierarchical multi-channel for the liquid supply and air returning, so as to improve the evaporation efficiency.
      SHARE flake ice evaporator is comprised of spiral ice cutter, cutter shaft, and cutter frame. All of those parts are made of the 304 stainless steel. The interval between the ice cutter and ice evaporator is between 0.15mm and 0.2mm. It's easy to scrape the ice from the evaporator.