We promise to provide clients with convenient, satisfactory pre-sale service, sale service, and after-sale service. Both technical support and training are offered as well. Our after-sale technical personnel will find out the fault within five minutes, after receiving the call for fault repair. They will guide you to solve the problem firstly through telephone. If you need on-site service, we will arrange the personnel from the nearest after-service site to help you handle the problem.

We have a complete set of after-sale service procedure including user record establishment, regular visit, etc. 24 hours service center is available. Beyond the guarantee period, a lifelong, pay-needed maintenance service will be offered.

SHARE Customer Service is available between 8: 30-12: 00 or 13: 30-18:00, from Monday to Sunday.
Tel: (86) 755-81495556
Fax: (86) 755-81495559

All-day Contact
Phone Number: 13823344727.

For emergency requirement, we will take special measures to lift your worries.

1. Pre-sale Service
a. Free consultation with regard to product configuration, performance, model, application, and the like.
b. Free Technical consultation about product working principle, application conditions, and so forth.
c. Free program design. Based on the client's requirement, we provide the detailed ice making plan and product quotation.

2. Sale Service
a. We will design and manufacture the client's desired equipment, based on the client's requirement.
b. During the product production, we strictly comply with the ISO9001-2008 quality management system to make sure the product quality and delivery time.
c. We will help the client to handle the issues such as commodity inspection, customs clearance, and transportation.
d. Our technical personnel will be sent to offer the guidance for the equipment installation and debugging.
e. Spare parts and professional maintenance tools are provided for free.
f. We will give free technical training to the clients. The training covers ice making principle, operational precautions, and daily trouble shooting.

3. After-sale Service
a. Quality Assurance Service. All the products enjoy a 12-month free warrant period since they are out of factory.
b. Maintenance. We provide free maintenance service. A lifelong technical guidance is available. 24 hours on-site maintenance service is available upon request.
c. Parts Supply. Our parts are supplied at a zero profit for the clients.

4. On-line or On-site Technical Training
a. Every year, we will hold a conference for after-sale training. And the attendants are agents, maintainers, and users.
b. If necessary, we can provide the regional training.
c. After equipment installation, our company will offer you free training in related to on-site operation, daily trouble shooting, etc.

5. Product Commitment
a. Our Product has been ISO9001 certified. It is designed and manufactured in line with CE standard.
b. We have got several patents for production technology. The product is well accepted around the world.
c. Our products are annually inspected to ensure the long service life.
d. When using, if the product has any fault caused by the design deficiency or our product quality factors, we will recall the product. Our party will bear all the fees.
e. We promise that the quotation documents provided is real and effective. After the contract come in to effect, we will strictly follow all terms and conditions described in the contract.
f. One year warranty period is available. During the period, all the parts replacement and maintenance are free.