2004-2006, ZXshare began to research and investigate the automatic ice-making system.

2007, ZXshare manufactured the first tube ice machine successfully.

2008, ZXshare promoted a thorough production and marketing solution, positioning product as high quality ice-making equipment, as well as serving clients with the top-ranking quality product, first-class service, and complete set of technical consulting solutions.

2009, with the high-quality ice machine and thorough service, ZXshare got approval from thousands of customers, and had a clear orientation about the future development. It declared 6 national patents for ice machine technologies.

2010, ZXshare have passed Europe CE certificate and succeeded in creating new products--block ice machine and direct cooling block ice machine.

2011, our company manufactured complete sets of ice-making system for many national key construction projects. We offered concrete cooling ice-making equipment for the construction of high-speed railways and the south-north water diversion project.

2011, ZXshare succeeded in researching and producing automatic ice conveying system, containerized ice machine, and containerized water chiller, all of which are widely used in concrete cooling, industrial cooling, and other fields.

2011, ZXshare launched cooperation projects with many national leading food processing companies, like China Yurun Food Group, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., COFCO Group, China Kangda Food Group Co., Ltd., etc.

2012, ZXshare realized the standardized production of flake ice machine, block ice machine, tube ice machine, and kinds of complete set of ice-making system. We actively explore the overseas markets.

2012, A complete set of concrete cooling dedicated ice-making system was provided for the construction of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

2012, ZXshare persists in innovation. It succeeded in research of artificial snowmaker and machine for real ice skating rink. The first ice-making and snow-making machine came into being.

2013, ZXshare moved to a new plant building and updated the device. The production capacity and quality are of domestic first-class level.

2013, ZXshare focuses on the cultivation of talents, regarding it as a long-term plan of the company's sustainable development. Meanwhile, it cooperates with refrigeration concerned university, so as to foster professional and technical personnel.

2013, ZXshare joined China Refrigeration Institute. It will facilitate ZXshare to communicate technology with peers, thus promoting product innovation and technology improvement.