About Us

ZHONGXUE Refrigeration is one of the most representative brands in the Chinese ice-making industry. A decade of illustrious development history has marked us as a pioneer amongst peers. As a highly reputable manufacturer, we specialize in the development and production of ice-making equipment as well as automated ice-making systems with matching configurations. Our company can also provide ice rink solutions, artificial snow-making systems, and integrated cooling equipment with various types of cooling systems. We have a professional taskforce that includes more than 30 electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration engineers. These experts can provide product customization in strict accordance with client-side specifications.

Browse our inventory for popular selections such as the flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, plate ice machine, cold water machine, and container-style ice machines. The daily output capacity of our ice-making equipment ranges from hundreds of kilograms to hundreds of tons. These products are widely implemented for purposes such as ice storage, artificial snow, air-conditioning, energy conservation, environmental protection, as well as the processing of foods and beverages by establishments including hotels and supermarkets. Excellent for the cooling of mines, chemical reactors, and large concrete projects, our machinery has become an indispensable part of industries such as logistics, ocean fishing, water resources, and hydropower.

ZHONGXUE owns complete sets of advanced production and processing equipment. Guided by a modern management model and far-reaching service network, our after-sales taskforce as well as technical and refrigeration engineers are able to provide professional services for major cities across the nation. After years of groundwork, we have secured multiple national patents and succeeded in passing the certifications of international standards such as CE and ISO9001.

Our credibility is built on the foundation of top-notch quality and service. Dependable and consistent, we have won the trust and approval of customers around the world. ZHONGXUE has provided optimized ice-making system solutions for major domestic food processing companies. We were also involved in numerous high-profile projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, high-speed rail construction, and hydro-engineering. Our international client base is rooted in regions including the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Our products have found destinations in more than 80 countries worldwide.

We strive to enhance our global competitiveness through continual development, innovation, and expansion. While ZHONGXUE Refrigeration continues to gain momentum on international markets, we are fully prepared to step into the limelight as a worldwide supplier of high performance ice-making equipment!